Industrial sectors
that trust us

• Reliable and flexible supplies allow Intervolventi to serve customers in numerous industrial sectors.

• Speed in sales and supply processes and a large stock of products always in stock.

• Reactive and widespread distribution network, thanks to the warehouses distributed throughout the country.

• Customization and realization of customized bearings on drawing.


intervolventi transmissions

Intervolventi S.p.A. produces and sells a series of highly performing products for the agriculture sector; bearings and hubs for cultivation, sowing, harvesting and packaging machines.

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intervolventi transmissions

In the wide product catalog of Intervolventi S.p.A. there are several lines of bearings that meet the demands of the industrial market. Possibility to create bearings on drawing.

intervolventi industrial

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intervolventi transmissions

Intervolventi S.p.A. is a leader in the supply of rolling bearings for the transmission sector: the high quality and reliability of our products allow us to cover all market requests.

intervolventi transmission

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intervolventi transmissions

Always present in the automotive sector, Intervolventi S.p.A. provides OEM, aftermarket and resellers offering products of high precision and durability. Large stocks and fast delivery.

intervolventi automotive

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intervolventi transmissions

We supply the main players of the power generation sector all over the world. The customization of the supplies, thanks also to our technical assistance, allows wide differentiations.

intervolventi electrical

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intervolventi transmissions

The markets of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry require absolute precision and reliability. Intervolventi S.p.A. produces and sells bearings with undisputed operational performances.

intervolventi chemical

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Rely on Intervolventi

Wide product range

Intervolventi S.p.A. produces bearings for industry which are used in the most varied application sectors. The wide product range allows Intervolventi to cover the specific requests of almost every product category.

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Guaranteed quality

To guarantee the highest quality of the products, Intervolventi S.p.A. performs scrupulous tests in the factory, in the laboratory and within the research and development center.

Tailored made solutions

The Technical Assistance Service of Intervolventi S.p.A. is able to develop customized products and services either in co-design with the customer's technical office or in complete autonomy based on customer requests.

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Dedicated sales team

Intervolventi S.p.A. adopts an extremely flexible and reliable sales model, governed by a solid organization with various offices in Italy and China.