Agricultural sector


Complete bearing unit, incorporated seals, a "Plug & Play" solution

The Plus of the AGRI HUB CFC compared to other products offered on the market, is to be LUBRICATED and PROTECTED FOR LIFE BY CONTAMINANT AGENTS.

The Agri HUB units thus allow a reduction in consumption and potential fat losses on the ground, with consequent benefits also for the environment.

These data translate into fundamental advantages, such as increasing the service life of the bearings, reducing maintenance costs and optimizing productivity.


Complete bearing unit, greased and lubricated for life.

Typical application conditions:
• Tractor speed: 5-20 Km / h
• Disc diameter: 300-710 mm.
• Temperature: from -20 to + 50 ° C

The resistant design of the Agri HUB extends the service life of the unit by more than three times compared to a traditional bearing.

Examples of disc


Assembly example



Added value for many tillages

Mud, dust, debris, violent impacts with stones and stones.
Extremely low or very high temperatures.
Climate, soil composition and crop rotation.

Each reality is certainly unique, but everywhere, the equipment of farmers is subjected to demanding conditions of service.

For this reason, there is an increasing need to rely on solutions that optimize and improve work in the fields, orchards and vineyards.

Intervolventi for CFC products has a widespread and efficient distribution network thanks to the warehouses in Seregno (MB), Bologna and Bari, from which delivery can be made within 24 hours.